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Report 3 - 01 July 2011

Current state

Last two weeks I continued writing mexlib.cpp file. Now, I have just a few functions which I did not implemented yet, primarily memory management (mxMalloc, mxCalloc, mxRealloc, mexMakeMemoryPesistent), calls to Scilab (mexCallSCILAB and mexEvalString) and some obsolete mex functions.

Current state of mexlib.cpp is in my last commit to code review (commit).

I'm a bit late on my schedule. My plan was to finish mexlib implementation until week 7 (next week), but it will not be possible. Maybe I have mexlib working in mid-term, but I need dynamic_link to complete my goal. I tried dynamic_link but it is not done.

I already have some basic mexFunction examples written, but I didn't commited it yet.


Plans for the next two weeks

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