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Report 2 - 17 June 2011

My first merged code

I finished my first milestone, moving mexlib code from C to C++ to support the new API. It is already merged in Scilab YaSp branch.

It is a small commit but necessary to work with other tasks in mexlib module.

Current state

I'm rewriting most part of mexlib.cpp file using new API. It is not too hard, but it is a long work. I need understand current implementation, read MATLAB documentation about the function and rewrite it using the new API.

I started with easy functions and now I have most part done. I had commited it here and here. Some code is committed in my local branches with other functions reimplemented.

All stack-c.h dependencies are removed from mexlib module in this commit, by Bruno JOFRET.


Plans for the next two weeks

In next two weeks I want to write first tests to mexlib module and finish all mx* and mex* functions.

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