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Weekly report 18 June 2010

This week I have implemented parsing of hybrid automaton state diagrams (hybm_parse) and integrated parsing and block diagram generation into main hybrid automaton block (hybm_transf_diagr). Hybrid automata module is now partly usable. The following is not yet implemented:

* transformation of diagrams with contain DSB i.e. discrete-time state blocks (CSB and TGB are already supported)

* a function which allows to write a diagram to .xcos file (xcosWriteDiagram)

* a function which allows to open Xcos block settings dialog by uid (xcosOpenBlockSettings)

Two last functions are required for improvement of HAS block user interface and should be implemented in Java.

The problem with simulation of diagrams which contain AUTOMAT blocks ("Undefined Function type") is not solved yet.

Visual appearance of main hybrid automaton block of is shown below.


I sent all code to Gerrit.

Plans for the next week

* Implement xcosWriteDiagram, xcosOpenBlockSettings.

* Perform more testing of HAS block on state diagrams composed of CSB and TGB blocks.

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