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Weekly report 06 August 2010

This week I have

* Improved visual appearance of blocks

* Fixed several bugs and added a large-size demo

* Posted several bugzilla reports (7671, 7672, 7707, 7711)

I think that current forge version of my toolbox implements all features described in initial SEP. The following problems remain:

1) Forge version of my toolbox uses Scilab 5.3 APIs. However, currently it does not work well under Scilab 5.3 beta 2 and Scilab nightly builds (not all demos and tests work, etc). I think that the main reason of this is presence of some bugs in Xcos (7711, 7672, maybe other), but of course it is possible that my toolbox also contains some bugs. So I am not sure that this version will be ready before GSoC "pencils down" date.

For testing I use a modified version of my toolbox on Scilab 5.2.2. This version works rather well and the difference between it and forge version is minor (visual appearance of blocks, palette installation, etc).

2) Performance of my toolbox depends on performance of functions which perform data exchange between Xcos and Scilab (xcosDiagramToHDF5, import_from_hdf5, export_to_hdf5). I found that the function xcosDiagramToHDF5 has a rather low performance on Scilab 5.3 beta 2 and nightly builds. I suppose that this can create inconvenience to users of my toolbox.

The visual appearance of forge version of my toolbox on Scilab 5.3 beta 2:


The visual appearance of my local version of toolbox for Scilab 5.2.2:


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