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Contributor - File Processing


The goal is to create a mini application in Scilab graphical mode allowing users to import a file into Scilab for preprocessing. Some predefined import should be defined for csv and ascii types in order to store the result of the import in a Scilab variable. Users could define callbacks for this application so that an imported file of a certain filetype will automatically call the scilab callback code.

The usage should be as simple as possible, user could drag and drop a file in the importer.

The application should be robust: a default behaviour should be defined for example, simply opening the file in Scinote for ascii/utf8 types files, or opening a graphic window for image types file.


The application could open a wizard for csv or column structured files to allow the user to select the name of the variables for each column, their scilab type.

A standard interface and documentation should be defined for callbacks used so that users can easily create them


2022-09-08 09:26