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Informations related to FAUST can be found here: http://faust.grame.fr/

Informations related to JACK can be found here: http://jackaudio.org/

FAUST is a language dedicated to signal processing and more precisely, to sound processing.

Here is an example of a FAUST script which allows to perform an echo effect:

declare name        "echo";
declare version     "1.0";
declare author      "Grame";
declare license     "BSD";
declare copyright   "(c) GRAME 2006";
//              A Simple Echo


process = vgroup("echo-simple", echo1s);

JACK is an efficient interface to various software / hardware related to sound.

With JACK, we can connect instruments (micros, guitars, etc.) to your PC, connect to sound processing effects (guitarix) and / or recorder (ardour).

The goal is to:

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