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Contributor - Debugger


Bring debugging capabilities into Scilab 6.

The debugger should allow:

Some other features could be consider like:

Integrated debugger

Like with gdb, some features should be available in the Scilab language for the debugging operation (set breakpoint, show sources, etc).

This would be something like:

--> start_debugger();
>> set_breakpoint("myfunction");
>> set_breakpoint("myfile.sci:23");
>> myfunction()
 The debugger has reach a breakpoint. Blah blah
>> a 

This requires good knowledge of C and C++ and how an interpreter works.

Update the editor to handle a graphic debugger

The goal of this item is to update the current text editor to provide debugging operations (set a break point, show the content of a variable, This work will be based on the integrated debugger features.

This requires good knowledge of Java.


2022-09-08 09:26