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This project is now really advanced and close to a stable release.

You can find more informations at: https://github.com/ycollet/scilab-mip


Integrate a new module to perform adavance linear programming optimization:


Several libraries exist. From these libraries, three main libraries can be highlighted:

Work done

A new interface to GLPK has been developped (it doesn't rely anymore on a mex interface).

A new interface to CLP, CBC, IPOPT, BONMIN, CSDP, OBOE has been developped.

Interfaces to read MPS, LP and SDPA files have been developped.

A new interface to LPSOLVE has been developped (it doesn' rely on a mex interface anymore).

Up to now, the scilab-mip is available on request (send a mail to ycollet et freesurf dot fr) because some parts are lacking:

All the sources are hosted at https://github.com/ycollet/scilab-mip

Work to be done

What must be done in this CoinOR project:

You can have a look at the CLP interface and the IPOPT interface on https://github.com/ycollet/scilab-mip.

Benchmarks of LP Codes

These benchmarks can be found on http://plato.asu.edu/bench.html.

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