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Bi-Weekly report 01 July 2011

During past two weeks I completed writing new gateway for all functions from my module. I also converted help files to the current format and it works fine now. Most of functions from the CG-LAB I have tested on my own, when I was writing gateway and I also think they work fine, but of course more tests are needed. I localized one serious bug in my code and I consulted it with my mentor. We decided that firstly we test all functions properly and then we can fix this bug. It's a problem with mlist as an argument of function in gateway. I have to admit that problems with coding itself are not serious in my case, but I have often troubles when I'm using git. I'm happy that I have a chance to learn using this version control system with quite a big project and I promise I will be better in using git in next weeks :-)

Plans for the next week

Today I have written my last exam, finally. Now I can be fully devoted to work on GSoC, so this weeks should bring a big progress in my project. The first step will be testing very carefully all function and fix bugs I will find. After this part of project my package will be almost reaady to use, but I think my mentor will tell me what further improvements can be done to make this toolbox perfect :-)

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