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Bi-Weekly report 17 June 2011

On the beginnng of my report I have to admitt- these two weeks was not so hard-working as previous, but the reason was my university and exams I have to pass. I doesn't mean I've done nothing. I prepared new API gateway code for almost half of a total number of function implemented in CG-LAB. With every rewritten function I starded better understand Scilab API and I can prepare new gateway faster. These progress make me sure that everything with project is on the good way to success, because I think it's the most challenging part of it. I think by the next Friday gateway for every single function in CG-LAB will be ready. During these weeks I was in touch with my mentor and consulted my working hours. He rewieved code I have written and told me what he excepcts in next two weeks.

During these two weeks I haven't encountered serious problems with coding, I think thats because new API is very well documented, so I can fid answer for all my questions on Scilab Wiki.

Plans for the next week

In first week I will definately end writing gateway code. This will be a kind of success and end of a big part of project. Than the period for testing and documenting my code will come. My university will be less and less important in next weeks, so I will have more time for coding and will be able to create regular working hours, day by day, similiar to Scilab team in France.

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