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Compiling Scilab 4.x under Windows

Official Scilab binary version on Windows is built by this way.

step 1

You need :

*Install Visual Studio C++ .NET 2003

*Install Intel Fortran 9.1.3192 or more

*Install TCL/TK 8.4(.15)

*Install Java 2 JDK

step 2

copy tcl84.dll,tk84.dll,tcl84.lib and tk84.lib in bin directory.

step 3

edit Make-PVM3.mak in pvm3 directory and modify first line (PVM_ROOT=...) with the good path

step 4

copy in root of scilab directory : "tcl" directory (See Readme_Visual.txt in scilab directory.)

step 5

copy in routines\Javasci jni.h and jni_md.h from Java 2 JDK

step 6

click on scilab.sln (to launch Visual) or devenv scilab.sln /build "release with atlas" (via command line, to build release)

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