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When a file is added in the trunk or removed from it, some files have to be updated so that this file is taken into account by compilation process and installation tools, here are some tips.

Linux/Unix version

Under Linux/Unix, the new file to be compiled has to be added to the corresponding Makefile.am file. Then the autotools will regenerate Makefile.in (call autoreconf in the root directory of the source tree) and the configure execution will generate your Makefile.

If your file is a header file that has to be included in the binary version, you must add it in the libsci<module_name>_la_include_HEADERS variable.

Windows version

Add or remove source files (.c , .h, .f , cpp, ... ) with Visual Studio 2008 (pro or express) Integrated Development Environment ONLY.

When you remove a source file a CLEAN (with VS) can be necessary.

If you add or remove some others files (.sci , .xml , binaries files) , you need to check <module_name>.iss to include or remove file or subdirectory.

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